Committee Chair
Janet Shulaw, Customer IT Solutions

Contact Inormation
(574) 631-6947

Description of Committee
The X Team is the advisory group for enterprise-wide campus administrative systems. This includes all of the Banner modules, enterprise reporting environments, and various related systems. The group’s responsibilities include:
• Review Banner and other enterprise application releases and recommend timelines for these releases in light of the approved campus IT maintenance weekends.
• Evaluate inter-dependencies among administrative systems and modules and their respective releases.
• Discuss and evaluate infrastructure upgrades and their impact on administrative systems.
• Provide feedback to vendor representative on issues that arise and receive updates on follow-up items
• Communicate updates on administrative systems performance issues
• Discuss and advise for resolution of issues that arise during upgrades, testing periods or post go-lives

Number of Members

Frequency of Meetings
Twice per month

Reporting Structure
John Gohsman, Chief Information Officer

Committee Members

  • Vaibhav Agarwal
  • Cynthia Belmarez
  • Tracy Briggs
  • John Buysse
  • Susan Brandt
  • Jennifer Brackett
  • Charles Castline
  • Amy Chisholm
  • Michael Chua
  • Christopher Corrente
  • Jon Crutchfiel
  • Laura DeLuca
  • Theresa Dockery
  • Richard Forrester
  • Christopher Frederick
  • Tamara Freeman
  • Christopher Fruehwirth
  • Michael Geglio
  • John Grover
  • Kimberly Hahn
  • Sharon Hayward
  • Scott Kirner
  • Catherine Kubitschek
  • Ted Manier
  • Vincent Melody
  • Amika Micou
  • Kristen Morin
  • Sherrill Morrill
  • Frederick Nwanganga
  • Leigh Anne Roberts
  • Michael Scott
  • David Seidl
  • Jon Schlundt
  • Janet Shulaw
  • Dawn Templeton
  • Jordan Turner
  • Paul Ullrich
  • Tracy Weber
  • Elliot Wiley
  • Warren Williams

Information last updated 1/9/2018