University Committee on Intellectual Property

Committee Chair
Bryan Ritchie, Vice President and Associate Provost for Innovation

Contact Information
(574) 631-5154

Description of Committee
The Committee advises the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research on intellectual property matters generally and the disposition of rights in those intellectual properties referred to the Committee. The Committee is also responsible for periodically updating the procedures for implementing this intellectual property policy and proposing amendments to it. At the request of the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, the Committee will be available to assist in resolving conflicts of interest and in mediating disputes on matters related to intellectual property developed by members of the University community.

Number of Members

Fequency of Meetings
Once a semester

Reporting Structure
Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., President

Ex Officio Committee Members

  • Robert J. Bernhard
  • Marianne Corr
  • Richard Cox
  • Shannon Cullinan
  • Timothy Flanagan
  • Mary Galvin
  • Peter Kilpatrick
  • Bryan Ritchie (Chair)

Elected Committee Members

  • Christine Becker
  • Gary Bernstein
  • Dennis Doordan
  • Bill Goodwine
  • Marya Lieberman
  • Carol Tanner
  • Joe Urbany
  • Steve Yelderman

Information last updated 12/8/2017