Strategic Research Committee

Committee Chair
Robert J. Bernhard, Vice President for Research

Contact Information
(574) 631-3902

Description of Committee
Formulates policies for sponsored research and sponsored educational programs; makes recommendations for the planning, establishment, and operation of interdisciplinary facilities for the conduct of sponsored research; serves as an avenue of communication among the administrative officers of the University and the members of the faculty and staff engaged in sponsored research and sponsored educational programs; disseminates to the faculty information about committee actions; and receives suggestions for future action.

Number of Members

Frequency of Meetings

Reporting Structure
Academic Council

Committee Members

  • Richard Cox
  • Darren Davis
  • Melanie DeFord
  • Dennis Doordan
  • Nick Entrikin
  • Jean Gorman
  • George Keegan
  • Ron Kraemer
  • Mark McCready
  • Mark McKenna
  • Thomas Merluzzi
  • Jarek Nabrzyski
  • William Nichols
  • Susan Ohmer
  • Liz Rulli
  • Mark Schurr
  • Timothy Sexton
  • Ann Strasser
  • Richard Taylor
  • Diane Parr Walker

Information last updated 6/20/2013