Committee Chair
Todd Hill

Contact Information

Description of Committee
Provides a cross-departmental, collaborative environment that provides a broadened awareness, more holistic approach and greater appreciation of processes and system dependencies and needs. Focuses on the following:
1. Identification and review of institutional and business unit key initiatives
2. Identify and prioritize technology related initiatives and resources
3. Addresses related issues that impact multiple departments across campus
4. Continue actions focused towards positive integration of departments across campus
5. Identify opportunities for the systems to be better leveraged
6. Link work to broader institutional strategic initiatives
7. Act as liaisons to other departments to communicate initiatives to avoid uninformed or redundant efforts across campus

Number of Members

Frequency of Meetings
Every 2 to 4 weeks

Reporting Structure
John Sejdinaj

Committee Members
Finance Guidance Council: Todd Hill, Vaibhav Agarwal, Vic DeCola, Mike Geglio, Tom Guinan, John Kelly, Rob Kelly, Linda Kroll, Matt Simpson, Amy Coughlin, Scott Kirner
Student/Faculty Guidance Council: Todd Hill, Kevin Cannon, John Kelly, Bill Kirk, Scott Kirner, Bob Mundy, Harold Pace, Sharif Nijim
Human Resources/PR Guidance Council: Todd Hill, Carolyn Berzai, Tom Guinan, Todd Hill, Nancy Horvath, Linda Kroll, Sarah Misener, Janet Shulaw, Paul VanDieren, Scott Kirner
University Relations Guidance Council: Todd Hill, Bill Bosler, Mike Brach, Drew Buscareno, Shannon Cullinan, Mark Houseman, Scott Siler, Dolly Duffy, Scott Kirner, Mary Ellen Koepfle

Information last updated 6/5/2011