Faculty Senate

Committee Chair
Jeanne Romero-Severson, Biological Sciences

Contact Information

Description of Committee
The senate’s range of concern extends to matters affecting the faculty as a whole and to matters on which a faculty perspective is appropriate. The senate seeks to formulate faculty opinion, and for this purpose may, at its discretion, conduct faculty meetings and referenda. The senate also receives from other groups in the University items requiring consideration by the faculty. With respect to matters of academic concern, the recommendations of the senate are referred to the Executive Committee of the Academic Council, which shall place the recommendations on the agenda of the council.

Number of Members

Frequency of Meetings
First Tuesday of every month during the academic year.

Committee Members

  • John Henry Hobgood
  • Sibonay Shewit
  • Annie Coleman
  • Natalie Porter
  • Cathering Schlegel
  • Xiaoshan Yang
  • David Thomas
  • David Gasperetti
  • Richard Pierce
  • Mary Frandsen
  • David O’Connor
  • Benjamin Radcliff
  • Tarek Dika
  • Guangjian Zhang
  • Ben Heller
  • Beyerlein Kraig
  • Samir Younes
  • Chao-Shin Liu
  • Thomas Stober
  • Eric Sims
  • Richard Sheehan
  • Nasir Ghiaseddin
  • Matt Bloom
  • Joe Urbany
  • Meng Wang
  • Paul McGinn
  • Aaron Striegel
  • Sergei Rouvimov
  • Molly Walsh
  • Jeanne Romero-Severson (chair)
  • Mei-Chi Shaw
  • Adam Martin
  • Anna Simon
  • Sylwia Ptasinska
  • Randy Kozel
  • Dittbenner Chuck
  • Daniel Johnson
  • Marsha Stevenson
  • Marie Halvorsen-Ganepola
  • Shauna Williams
  • Matthew Capdevielle
  • Phil Sloan

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Information last updated 7/26/2017