Faculty Board on Athletics

Committee Chair
Patricia L. Bellia, William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Professor of Law

Contact Information
(574) 631-3866
website: www.nd.edu/~facboard

Description of Committee
Serves as the principal advisory group to the President on educational issues related to intercollegiate athletics. Fosters the University’s commitment to academic integrity within the athletic program, strives to ensure that the University’s athletic program operates in consonance with its educational mission, and actively promotes the welfare and educational success of the University’s student-athletes. Also functions as a formal liaison between the faculty and the Department of Athletics.

Number of Members

Frequency of Meetings
The chair calls meetings on a regular basis.

Reporting Structure
Rev. John I. Jenkins. C.S.C., President

Committee Members

  • Patricia L. Bellia, William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Professor of Law  (Chair)
  • F. Clark Power, Professor, Program of Liberal Studies
  • Corey Angst, Professor IT, Analytics, and Operations
  • Erin Hoffmann Harding, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • John B. "Jack" Swarbrick, Vice President and James E. Rohr Director of Athletics
  • Ann M. Firth, Vice President and Chief of Staff, Office of the President
  • Patrick Holmes, Rees and Carol LaBar Director of Academic Services for Student-Athletes
  • Richard B. Pierce, Associate Professor, Department of History
  • Kevin Vaughan, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Randy J. Kozel, Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Academic Affairs, Diane and M.O. Miller II Research Professor of Law
  • Susan Ohmer, Associate Professor, Film, Television
    The William T. Carey and Helen Kuhn Carey Chair in Modern Communication
  • Jaimie Bleck, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Lauren Hanna, Symposium Editor, Notre Dame Law Review
  • Sean Kelsey, Sean Kelsey
    Rev. John A. O’Brien Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
  • Aaron D. Striegel, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Board Liaisons

  • Melissa L. Conboy
  • Michael Harrity

Information last updated 7/30/20