Committee Chair
Lori Bush, Director of Finance &amp Administration, Auxiliary Operations

Contact Information
(574) 631-2639

Description of Committee
Ensures safety within Facilities Operations and provides a forum to share information about accidents or incidents that may have impact on the other departments

Number of Members

Frequency of Meetings

Reporting Structure
Scott Knight, Inspection & Training Asst Dir , Risk Management and Safety

Committee Members

  • Lori Bush (chair) – Finance and Administration
  • Scott Christian – Hammes Bookstore
  • Patrick Dahms – Morris Inn &amp NDCC
  • Lauren Fitzmorris – Clubs and Concessions
  • Leon Glon – Cedar Grove Cemetery
  • Jill Lerner – Segura Arts Studio
  • Eric Kloss – Risk Management and Safety
  • David Konkey – Morris Inn &amp NDCC
  • Rob Pendrys – Risk Management and Safety
  • Karen Schirmuhly – Clubs and Concessions
  • Larose Saint Jean – St. Michael’s Laundry
  • David Werda – Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore
  • Lisa Yates – Campus Dining

Information last updated 7/26/2017