Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention

Committee Co-Chairs
Christine Caron Gebhardt & Erin Oliver

Contact Information
(574) 631-9340

(574) 631-7286

Description of Committee
Advises the vice president and senior staff of Student Affairs on issues related to sexual assault.

Number of Members

Frequency of Meetings
monthly meetings during the academic year

Reporting Structure
Rev. Gerard J. Olinger, C.S.C., Vice President for Student Affairs

Committee Members

  • Christine Caron Gebhardt, Co-Chair (Office of Student Affairs, Notre Dame)
  • Erin Oliver, Co-Chair (Office of Institutional Equity, Notre Dame)
  • Viviana Antimo (Student Advisory Committee, Saint Mary's College)
  • Rose Ashley (Staff, Gender Relations Center, Notre Dame)
  • Andrew Bartolini (First Year Engineering, Notre Dame)
  • Gail Bederman (History, Notre Dame)
  • Hunter Bivin (Player Development, Athletics, Notre Dame)
  • Denise Brenes (Student Success Asst. Dir. Multicultural Student Programs and Services)
  • Mariah Bures (Child Protection Program Manager, Notre Dame)
  • Liz Coulston Baumann (Belles Against Violence Office (BAVO) - Saint Mary's College)
  • Fr. Bill Dailey (Residential Life, Notre Dame (Male rector))
  • Megan Elbin (St. Joseph Family Justice Center)
  • Annie Envall-Latowski (Alumni Office, Notre Dame)
  • Catherine Ficker (Director of Human Resources, TItle IX Coord., Holy Cross)
  • Zelia Flores (Student, Saint Mary's)
  • Julian Garcilazo (Student Government, Holy Cross College)
  • David Grogan (Graduate Student)
  • Darlene Hampton (Advisor, Arts & Letters, Notre Dame)
  • Katrina Higgins (First Year Advising, Notre Dame)
  • Kris Hinton (Notre Dame Police Department)
  • Anna Kenny (Residential Life, Notre Dame (Female rector))
  • Leah Kicinski (Residential Life, Notre Dame)
  • Carolyn Kitz (Student Activities, Holy Cross)
  • William Kobbe (Tri-Military, Notre Dame)
  • Mandy Madden Miller (Program Director for Student Health and Wellness Initiatives, GreeNDot)
  • Ted Mandell (Film, Television & Theatre, Notre Dame)
  • Mary Catherine McDonald (Pastoral Care Program Coord., Campus Ministry)
  • Iesha Miller (BAVO Coordinator at Saint Mary's)
  • Amber Monroe (Title IX, Notre Dame)
  • Arlene Montevecchio (Gender Relations Center, Notre Dame)
  • Kate Morgan (Office of Student Affairs, Notre Dame)
  • Caprice Mottley (University Counseling Center, Notre Dame)
  • Lane Obringer (Notre Dame Student Govt., Director of Gender Relations)
  • Montgomery Odle (Student at Large, Notre Dame)
  • Marie Oliva (Housing/Residential Life, Holy Cross)
  • Emily Orsini (Program Director of New Student Engagement)
  • Dan Riemersma (Community Standards, Notre Dame)
  • Harold Swanagan (GLD Center, Athletics, Notre Dame)
  • Mara Trionfero Lucas (Assistant Director, McDonald Center)
  • Julaine Zank (Graduate School, Notre Dame)

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Information last updated 10/18/2022