Advisory Councils Steering Committee

Committee Chair
Mary Jane Añón

Contact Information
(574) 631-9129

Description of Committee
Serves as a vehicle to implement the recommendations set forth in the Advisory Council Program Review. Facilitates sharing of best practices among the Deans, Directors and Vice Presidents. Improves and strengthens the Advisory Council model.

Number of Members

Frequency of Meetings
Twice per year

Reporting Structure
Rev. John I. Jenkins, CSC, President

Committee Members

  • Mary Jane Añón
  • R. Scott Appleby
  • Robert J. Bernhard
  • Drew B. Buscareno
  • Laura A. Carlson
  • John C. Cavadini
  • J. Nicholas Entrikin
  • Christopher B. Fox
  • Luis Frada
  • Mary Galvin
  • Erin Hoffman Harding
  • Roger D. Huang
  • Peter K. Kilpatrick
  • Charles R. Loving
  • Michael N. Lykoudis
  • Timothy M. Matovina
  • John T. McGreevy
  • Louis M. Nanni
  • Nell J. Newton
  • Hugh R. Page
  • John B. Swarbrick, Jr.
  • Anna M. Thompson
  • Diane Parr Walker

Information last updated 10/14/2015