Academic Convocation and Commencement Committee

Committee Chair
Chuck Hurley, University Registrar

Contact Information
(574) 631-7495

Description of Committee
Serves as the standing academic committee for developing and implementing the ceremony plans pertaining to all official academic convocations of the University. Makes recommendations to the Provost and the deans concerning structure and content of these ceremonies. Considers the mission, history, and traditions of Notre Dame and how these can best be incorporated in convocations. Selcts and approves all academic regalia and ceremony instruments.

Number of Members

Frequency of Meetings
Three times per year

Reporting Structure
Thomas G. Burish, Provost

Committee Members

  • Mary Andersen
  • Dennis K. Brown
  • Rev. Richard S. Bullene, C.S.C.
  • Sr. Kathleen Cannon, O.P.
  • Maureen Collins
  • Michael J. Danch
  • Darren Davis
  • Michael Desch
  • Kenneth W. Dye
  • Ann Firth
  • Richard Garnett
  • Mary Goss
  • Jonathan C. Hall
  • Anne C. Hamilton
  • Paula A. Horne
  • Chuck Hurley
  • Dale Nees
  • Elizabeth M. Rosencrantz
  • Michael D. Seamon
  • Lora J. Spaulding
  • Matthew C. Zyniewicz

Information last updated 9/23/2013