Committees A-Z

This is complete listing of the university’s committees arranged in alphabetic order.

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Father Sorin Statue


Academic Convocation and Commencement Committee

Academic Council

Ad Hoc Parking Committee

Advisory Councils Steering Committee

Advisory Student Insurance and Medical Issues Committee

AED Safety Committee

Auxiliary Operations Safety Committee


Benefits Committee

Bookstore Advisory Committee

Budget Working Group

Building Services Safety Committee

Business Managers Group

buyND Super User Group


Campus Administration Guidance Council

Campus IT Directors Committee

Campus Sculpture Committee

Chapel Committee

Commencement Weekend Committee

Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention

Concessions Advisory Committee

Corby Hall Safety/Sanitation Committee

Core Curriculum Committee


Department of Transportation Safety

Diversity and Inclusion Oversight Committee

Drug Testing for Student Athletes Oversight Committee

Early Childhood Development Center Committee

Early Enrollment Committee

Editorial Board of the University of Notre Dame Press

Emergency Preparedness Task Force

Employee Compassion Fund

Employee/Finance/Research Guidance Council

Energy & Environmental Issues Committee

Equity in Athletics Task Force


Facilities Operations Safety Committee

Faculty Board on Athletics

Faculty Grievance Committee

Faculty Senate

Football Game Management and Operations Committee

Football Game Management Committee-Away Games

Football Luncheon Committee

Football Shamrock Series Game (Neutral Site) Committee



ID Card Oversight Committee

Information Governance Committee

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Institutional Risk & Compliance Committee


Laetare Committee

Licensing Committee



Pep Rally Committee

President’s Leadership Council

Provost’s Academic Calendar Committee

Provost’s Advisory Committee


Radiation Control Committee

Review Panel for Appeals Concerning Sexual Discrimination


Shared Data Team

Software Committee

Space and Project Review Subcommittee

Staff Advisory Council-SAC

Student Guidance Council


Tantur Administrative Board

Tantur Advisory Board

Tax Strategy Committee

Traffic and Parking Appeals Committee

TravelND Super User Group


United Way Committee

University Bowl Committee

University Committee for the First Year Studies

University Committee on Admissions, Scholarships and Financial Aid

University Committee on Appeals

University Committee on Intellectual Property

University Committee on Internationalization

University Committee on Libraries

University Committee on Research and Sponsored Programs

University Committee on Research, Library, and Special Professional Faculty Appeals

University Committee on the Academic Code of Honor

University Committee on Women Faculty and Students

University Conflicts Committee

University Council for Academic Technologies-UCAT

University Human Subjects Institutional Review Board

University Institutional Biosafety Committee

University Marketing Committee


Wellness Committee


News & Events