Staff Advisory Council (SAC)

Committee Chair
Patricia M. Smith, Administrative Assistant, Development

Contact Information
(574) 631-2901

Description of Committee
The council is a group of staff, elected by non-exempt staff from all districts, who meet regularly to provide formal input to the University administration on those decisions that affect the staff. This input includes recommendations, advice, and assistance. The staff brings ideas and concerns to the council to be relayed to Human Resources. The council receives information from the administration and relays that information to the staff. The Department of HR acts as a liaison between the council and the appropriated University administration.

Number of Members

Frequency of Meetings

Reporting Structure
Lori Maurer, Associate Business Partner, Department of Human Resources

Committee Members

  • Elaine Brown
  • Shebra Guidry
  • Amanda Huerta
  • Rachel Jones
  • Robin Karkiewicz
  • Jody Klontz
  • Char Koblick
  • Kim Miller
  • Joe Negri
  • Susan Nugent
  • Lee Purdy
  • Marie Revak
  • Kameron Riddle
  • Alan Seidler
  • Kathy Seymour
  • Patricia Smith
  • Jan Solkey
  • Fred Sonneborn
  • Tamara Springer
  • Kathy Troth
  • Barb Wadley
  • Joe Wheeler
  • LaMinda Wilson
  • Adam Zielinski

Information last updated 6/27/2013

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