Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Committee Chair
Jeffery Schorey, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Contact Information
(574) 631-3734

Description of Committee
Reviews and approves any time animals are used in any research studies and instructional programs (it is required by the federal government and the University that the care and use of all vertebrate lab animals be monitored by this committee). Committee make-up reflects federal mandate for committee membership (attending veterinarian, scientist(s) using animals, scientist(s) not using animals, non-institutionally-affiliated member representing the community at large and ethicist).

Number of Members

Frequency of Meetings

Reporting Structure
Robert Bernhard, Vice President for Research

Committee Members

  • Dr. Prentiss Jones
  • Jenna Leevy
  • Glen Niebur
  • Matt Ravosa
  • Jennifer Robichaud
  • Valerie A. Schroeder
  • Kay L. Stewart
  • Jeffery Schorey, Chair
  • Mark A. Suckow

Information last updated 11/13/13

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