Information Governance Committee

Committee Chair
Ronald D. Kraemer, Chief Information Officer

Contact Information
(574) 631-9700

Description of Committee
The Information Governance Committee (IGC) serves as the University’s primary oversight body for protecting the confidentiality and integrity of University information. This includes specific governance responsibility for the information security, transaction processing, and business intelligence functions. The scope of the committee extends to all University data, whether in electronic, paper or other form.

Number of Members

Frequency of Meetings

Reporting Structure
Officers’ Committee on Risk Management
Ronald D. Kraemer, Chief Information Officer

Committee Members
The IGC membership shall consist of individuals appointed by the following units:

Office of the Executive Vice President (Matthew Blazejewski)
Office of Information Technologies (Michael J. Chapple)
Office of General Counsel (Timothy J. Flanagan)
Office of Human Resources (Tamara Freeman)
Office of Information Technologies (Todd A. Hill)
Office of the Registrar (Charles T. Hurley III)
Office of University Relations (Micki Kidder)
Office of Information Technologies (Ron D. Kraemer)
Office of the Provost (Joseph J. Lyphout)
Audit and Advisory Services (Roger P. Mahoney)
Finance Division (Andrew M. Paluf)
Office of Information Technologies (Jason Williams)
Office of Research (Liz Rulli)
Office of Strategic Planning (David Bailey)
Office of Information Technologies (August Freda)

The Vice President for Information Technologies chairs this committee. Normally, the individuals appointed to serve on this committee will be direct reports to a member of the President’s Leadership Council.

Information last updated 9/7/2016

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