Benefits Committee

Committee Chair
Denise M. Murphy, Director of Compensation and Benefits, Department of Human Resources

Contact Information
(574) 631-9718

Description of Committee
The Benefits Committee of the University of Notre Dame advises the Office of Human Resources on University-wide benefits policies and programs for faculty, exempt and non-exempt staff in the Notre Dame community. More specifically, the Benefits Committee: (1) Provides guidance to leadership within Human Resources on relevant matters, and communications concerning benefits (2) Reviews benefit programs to ensure they continue to meet the needs of faculty , exempt and non-exempt staff and (3) Recommends revisions or additional programs in response to the changing environment of the campus community.

Number of Members

Frequency of Meetings
Six to eight times per year

Reporting Structure
Advises the Office of Human Resources in preparation for the Budget Working Group

Committee Members

  • Trent Grocock
  • Kathy Brickley
  • Matthew Lahey
  • Nasir Ghiasedden
  • Robyn Karkiewicz
  • Marc Poklinkowski
  • Chris Hatfield
  • Joe Lyphout
  • Mary Ann McDowell

Information last updated 9/9/2014

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